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Viral legging + viral skort = ?? #fashion #fitness #entrepreneur #activewear

Get the skort:

The thing I’m most excited about in this new design is the fact that EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN’T SEE IT ANYWAY, I took out the front seam so that for the first time ever in @POPFLEX By Blogilates history, your skort will be TRULY anti-cameltoe!

Regardless on your feelings around the look of 🐫, the feeling is undebateably uncomfortable and sometimes painful! I hate that upwards digging into my crotch – like literally so unnecessary when I’m need all my focus on what’s important: my workout!

I hope you loooooove the new ✨Crisscross Hourglass Twirl Skort✨!

Btw! I am testing out a longer length mid thigh version for you girlies asking for that. Should be getting the sample for that soon! We will test and report back on how it performs. Thanks for your patience!


Ps: I’m wearing small and usually wear small! It’s very very stretchy so I could see myself sizing down to an XS if I wanted it shorter! You can get this now in 4 colors (XXS to 3X) at

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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