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My thighs were dying 😳 #shorts #pilates #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitnesschallenge

Grab my Shortsie:

I didn’t even know it but as I was reviewing my footage I was like omg wait WHY ARE MY THIGHS SHAKING SO HARD!?!

Whenever your body does something it’s not used to, it’s a challenge for it! So yes, even though I’ve been weight lifting for a few months, doing heavy squats and hip thrusts etc, because I had not been doing elevated plie squats – my body was like wait hold on.

I’m a huge believer of cross training. That’s how you’ll build your strongest, most flexible, most balanced body.


Ps: Shortsie from @POPFLEX socks I got for free when I bought a sweater from a brand I found on IG but forgot it’s name at this point.

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Work Outs

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