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I made it 40% off so you can try it. Will you!? #shorts #fashion

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So you know how my life mission is to get you to wear a onesie? Okay well this time, I’m putting it ON SALE (basically 40% off) so I’m giving you no choice but to push your boundaries and just give my @POPFLEX Shortsie a try!

I know. I know onesies are scary but I promise you, it’s only because a lot of them don’t contour a woman’s curves, therefore making you look like a big baby. 👶🏻 That’s why I made sure to carefully place seams and cutouts in certain places to help lift and lengthen your natural shape.

Btw, I’m still shocked that the pocket can hold a 64 Oz bottle! I didn’t bring my normal 40 Oz on this trip and Sam was like well put your 64 in there. And I was like are you crazy?? It’ll never fit. Well I proved myself SO wrong. ANDDDD it was actually full of water! Now I don’t suggest walking around with a full half gallon in your pocket but I AM saying that this is a serious pocket that can hold A LOT 👍

Ok we’ll go shop the @POPFLEX first ever ✨Annual Sale✨ happening right now, ends July 28th at midnight pst. My Shortsie is only $50 (reg $80) and my bottle is $25 (reg $48).

Be smart and do your Christmas shopping now 😁

Enjoy!! Any questions…comment below! I’ll be answering as I sip my virgin pina colada on the beach 🍹

♥️ Cassey

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Work Outs

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