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I can’t believe I get to check this off of my Dream List…

I have a secret list of things I want to accomplish before I die.

I call it my Dream List.

I don’t announce or really share these as they are my deepest most unapologetic desires and I choose to work towards them silently, without anyone’s opinions distracting me from my goals.

But today…it’s time to share because one of the things on my Dream List is getting checked off!!! Honestly, I thought I was about 5-7 years away but, here we are, a little early.

When I got the call from @How I Built This Podcasts (my fave podcast everrrr) I DIED. I was SCREAMING.

I’ve been listening to @Guy Raz and his soothing voice since the beginning of time, learning from some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world! It has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to be on his podcast. My goal was to do something so impactful that Guy would find my story worthy enough of sharing amongst his other incredible leaders and innovators.

Many of you know me from the free workout videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube over the past 13 years. But what you don’t know is that I spend about 95% of my day in product design, development and running the business. Yes, fitness will always be a part of my being, but entrepreneurship and creation is the thrill that keeps me wild with ideas. It is what keeps me problem solving and sketching and prototyping and testing! I LIVE for it.

I got the chance to talk to Guy about my backstory, where I am now, and my hopes for the future. I’m so not even close to where I want to be but I hope this interview inspires you to follow your passion – no matter if no one believes in you. You need to give yourself the 100% chance to succeed or else you’ll always live a life of “what if”? I’d rather try and fail hard than look back and wished I could have.

Have a listen to my episode and let me know the biggest lesson you learned.


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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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