Coleslaw and Halloumi Cheese Sandwich

Welcome back to the Chef Raphael channel. New video is a part of the series “Cooking with cheese”, and today you’ll know how to cook coleslaw and halloumi cheese sandwich. This recipe of a perfect vegetarian sandwich or burger is very simple yet delicious. Grilled halloumi cheese and crunchy cabbage salad are an unforgettable combination for a burger! You should definitely try this coleslaw and cheese sandwich recipe!

Sirimon Halloumi Cheese
Burger Bread
Spring onion
Salt and pepper

Start making the salad by mixing cabbage, grated carrots, spring onion with the mayonnaise.
Depending on the mayonnaise you are using taste the salad so as to add additional seasoning if necessary.
Cut the cheese into equal sized slices and season with salt and pepper.
Add little oil on a pan and allow to heat up before cooking the cheese on medium heat until it browns on both sides, this should take about 3 minutes in total depending on the thickness of the cheese.
To assemble the sandwich, cut the bread and toast it(optional) and place the coleslaw on one side of the bread and the cheese on top and finally the second piece of the bread.
Serve and enjoy while the cheese is warm.

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