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Tone & Torch Bootcamp 2.0: Finisher Class 3

We’ve planned to keep you on track!⁠ Here is your Monday motivation, today’s class is a Body Blast Cardio Finisher Workout! Timing, 40 seconds on, 20 secs of rest, 6 challenging exercises, 2 laps, and you’re done!

Join us every Monday and Friday. We will lead you through a combination of both cardio and strength T&T 2.0 Finisher exercises that target specific body parts for maximum results! ⁠

For those who haven’t had a chance to try our Finishers, here is your chance to try for FREE now. ⁠

What’s it going to take? ⁠
2X a week commitment until we start T&T3.0!! ⁠

Monday- Cardio Finisher⁠
Friday-Strength Finisher⁠

Typically finishers are designed for a ‘final push’! During a finisher, you work at a near-maximum intensity for progressive results! If you are looking to torch extra calories and shed off pesky fat then these finishers are for you!⁠

Here are two ways to incorporate a Finisher into your workout routine:⁠

1. Do it as a stand-alone workout when you are limited for time or as an extra workout to your weekly routine.⁠

2. Add it at the end of any of your workouts to fully exhaust your body (in a healthy way) to maximize fat loss and/or muscle growth.⁠

Sign-up for Tone & Torch 3.0!

More FREE workouts coming your way soon! It all begins on MARCH 22nd!⁠

Let’s Do this!

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