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Tone & Torch Bootcamp 2.0: Day 1 [FULL WORKOUT]

Welcome Back!! Today is Day#1 of our Tone and Torch Bootcamp 2.0 !
Are you ready for our brand new short and sweaty cardio class? You’ll be done in no time! 35 minutes, that’s all it’s going to take this Monday morning to torch some calories! Let’s do this! Press Play!

Become a subscriber to access today’s CORE finisher workout! Timing, 40 seconds on, 20 secs of rest, 6 challenging exercises, 2 laps, and you’re done!

The Finishers are designed for a ‘final push’! During a finisher, you work at a near-maximum intensity for progressive results! If you are looking to torch extra calories and shed off pesky fat, then sign up!

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