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This is hands down the hardest thing about running your own business… #girlboss #entrepreneur

Old Cassey was so broken that she couldn’t even dream up the team that I’m surrounded by today.

This week we had our 2nd annual Blogifam Retreat in San Diego and it was the first time I got to physically meet many of my team members face to face! We hired throughout the pandemic and all learned how to work remotely, so we never got a chance to spend time together in person. I think we were all nervous (even intimated) to meet one another!

But for the next 3 days, we laughed so hard our cheeks hurt and until tears ran down our faces. I felt so comfortable. I felt so…at home.

I can’t even properly express how full my heart feels right now. To finally be surrounded by the RIGHT people changes everything.

Just 3 years ago, I broke. I really was going to drop all of it. @POPFLEX By Blogilates. Blogilates. All of it. The businesses were too painful to run. The toxicity was poisoning my mind, my body, my team, and my business. I wanted to throw it all away and just move far far away from LA.

I’m lucky Sam told me to just give it one last chance because if he didn’t say that, I really wouldn’t be here right now. I was completely broken. But when he said “just 30 more days” – I pulled together any last shreds of strength I had (which wasn’t much) and went into pure survival mode.

In those final days, something magical happened.

The universe put the right people in my path and helped me clear out the negativity so they I could breathe again…stand again…lead again.

My heart is filled with so much gratitude right now for every member of my team: the people who helped me find myself again.

I was so lost, but now I am sure of it, I’m home.


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