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The science behind smelly armpits. #secretdeopartner


Never thought I’d be doing this, but I actually spent some time digging into the biomechanics behind why your armpits smell, and well, it is fascinating, so I had to make a whole video about it!

Where does the smell come from?

The stink happens when sweat reaches the surface of your skin and the bacteria in your armpits start growing and producing stinky gasses.

2 ways to prevent:

1️⃣ Traditional antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that mix with sweat, creating a gel-like substance that temporarily blocks pores, so it never has a chance to reach the bacteria, so → less smell.
2️⃣ Aluminum free deodorants like this one from @secret don’t contain aluminum salts. Instead, they create an unfriendly environment for the bacteria, making it hard for them to grow, so that when the sweat does reach the surface of your armpits, there is less bacteria producing gas, therefore → less smell.

Interesting huh?

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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