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Squat Bow Series-Class 1- Full-body Resistance- Free!

The Squat Bow Superior Gear Series consists of 4 Classes.
This four-class beginner exclusive gives you a fierce AF workout in 20 minutes with only one piece of equipment: the Squat Bow.

In each class our BodyRock Trainer, Jessie, leads you through a full-body resistance workout showing you how to target different muscle groups, you WILL feel the burn! 40 seconds or work with 20 secs of rest.

The Squat Bow Superior Gear series prioritizes total body training and short, powerful sessions to help beginners get an amazing workout in less time than it takes you to struggle out of a sweaty sports bra.

Whatever your fitness goals, this series will help you get started, giving you incredible, measurable gains through a strategic combination of compound and isolation moves.

What’s the Squat Bow?

The Squat Bow is a total body piece of precision gear that uses the continuous resistance of bands with a solid bow to allow you to push, pull, lift and feel the burn in places you didn’t know existed. You can instantly adjust your resistance to train every single major muscle group to increase your strength, mobility, and the amount of fun you have training.

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