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New Trainer Coming Monday!!! Sale + Now Hiring Certified Personal Trainers

Now hiring personal trainers – FB Jobs @
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New Trainers, Same Ethos – Our Plans for Fitness Blender @
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Meet Tasha, and the rest of the FB Team @

We (Kelli and Daniel) started Fitness Blender over 11 years ago because we were both passionate about health and fitness, and we wanted to reach more people. In an industry chock full of gimmicks, unhealthy fads, questionable motivational tactics, and doctored images, we felt that people needed, and deserved, better.

Over the last 11 years, we have published over 600 (and counting) free workout videos, as well as hundreds of recipes and healthy living articles, and built a free, custom website full of robust features and functionality.

Both of us feel as passionate about Fitness Blender today as we did on day 1, and neither of us are going anywhere. We have plans to continue designing and filming new workouts and writing new content – both free and for FB Plus. Our ethos and goals with Fitness Blender are the same now as they were when we started—to make quality, unbiased health and fitness information as accessible as possible. For many years, it was just the two of us at Fitness Blender, but over the past few years we have grown our team (mostly behind-the-scenes), so that we can offer more. The growth of our team is key to our sustainability and ability to continue to do what we love, as well as our capacity to offer even more workout videos, health and fitness content, and website features. Read more @

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