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Looking to improve your splits? Try this… #fitness

Been a while since I’ve stretched and it feels good to be back at it. If you’re looking to get into your splits, here are some things I do in my personal routine that you can try:

1/ I turn on the heater to warm up my muscles. Cold muscles don’t like to stretch.

2. I wear socks on top of my @popflexactive vegan suede mat for easy sliding. The less friction, the easier it is to make tiny sliding movements.

3. I start out with a very short, very light cardio routine like 10 squats and 10 lunges ea side to warm up my muscles.

4. Then I do a very short, light Pilates routine targeting my legs to make sure blood flow is happening in those areas. Also stretching is as much about flexible muscles as it is about strong muscle (to hold the pose), so you NEED to do this!

Single legged hamstring extensions x 10 ea
Butt pulses x 20 ea
Booty band bridge press outs x 15

5. Massage your legs. I specially use my @Therabody Theragun mini to massage my hamstrings and hips, which are my tightest areas. This bring more blood flow into the area and also helps loosen up my muscles.

6. Now my splits stretching routine

Pike x 1 min
Butterfly x 1 min
Hamstring stretch x 1 min ea leg
Deep lunge x 1 min ea leg
Half splits with booty shake x 1 min ea leg

Now you can get into your splits! And once you feel like you have that, do your…

7. Oversplits! I use blocks to add height!

There ya go! Remember, go slow and take your time. Depending on your flexibility, this could take weeks, months, or even years. Do not push yourself too hard! You do not want to get an injury – and that usually happens when you’re trying to rush and get results. Your body needs time.


♥️ Cassey

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