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It’s so creamy 🍵 I promise. Want my collagen? Check the description #shorts #collagen #hairgrowth

My cookbook:

I don’t drink coffee in the mornings but I do drink matcha lattes! The ones at Starbucks taste amazing but often have too much sugar and they make me break out. This version is filled with protein from the collagen which also helps with my hair growth and skin! Here’s the recipe from my cookbook, Sculpt:

💧1/2 c water
🥛 1/2 c almond milk (or any nondairy milk)
🍵 1 tsp matcha powder
✨1 scoop Blogilates Beauty Collagen (with Keratin) at @target
🥄1 TBS monkfruit sugar

You can totally add vanilla or cinnamon to this if you want to get fancy but I often don’t have time in the mornings so I skip. The one in the video is realistic for me and I make it daily! I love to warm it in the microwave for a 1:30. It’s so so perfect and adds slowness to my crazy mornings.


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