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I tried to design the perfect legging… #shorts

You can try these leggings at

Things that annoy me about leggings:

1️⃣ When they give me cameltoe.
2️⃣ When they don’t have pockets.
3️⃣ When they pinch me.
4️⃣ When they make me look like a box.
5️⃣ When they’re see through.

Guys, I think I’m getting close. Like, REALLY CLOSE to creating the perfect pair with the latest version of the Popflex Active Utimate Hourglass Leggings.

I mean…did you see what these pockets can hold!?!? I accidentally discovered that my leggings could hold my 40 Oz bottle the other night when I was walking upstairs holding 10,000 things and Sam was already asleep so there was no one to help! I actually shocked myself because it was never really the intention, but hey! I guess POPFLEX leggings can now hold tumblers and oversized water bottles! 😂

Any other features I should add!? Will you give it a try and tell me what you think? Always on a journey to improve and would love your feedback!

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