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I designed the perf onesie for every torso length 元 #shorts #fashion #fitness

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Torso length is what makes onesies scary.

Long torsos fear cameltoe.

Short torsos fear baggy crotch.

And then on top of that, the fear of looking like a giant baby. Trust me. I get it!

I wanted to toy around with the idea of constructing a keyhole at the midsection of a onesie to see if this would help with the various torso length issue. The goal was to have the keyhole adapt to the wearer: it would get bigger or smaller based on the wearers torso length, but would still be cute no matter what.

15 months from the moment this was sketched, the @POPFLEX 每orset Onesie is here! There were so many rounds of prototyping, but Im happy we never gave up. It worked FINALLY, and IT IS A DREAM TO WEAR!

the keyhole and adjustable straps help you find the perfect vertical fit
the full body princess seams help lengthen your silhouette
the v waist and fun regencycore inspired corset strings help create a snatched waist look

Also please remember that the sizing is limited because when I first designed this over a year ago onesies were experimental so I wanted to test in our most popular sizes first. Know that we have been working on plus size onesie development, but that it takes about a year or more for it to come into effect! So thank you for understanding and thank you for being patient with the process! Im anxious to get them out too, but we cannot rush this.

Anyway, hope you love it! Would you give this onesie a try? Im wearing XS.


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