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I can’t believe we pulled this off in 90 days… 😅 #shorts

I can’t believe we pulled this off in 90 days 😅

Big thank you to:

👩‍🍳 Chef Erin for helping me develop the DELISH recipes in this cookbook! First it started with “let’s just make 15-20” then somehow we ended up with 60+ 😅 Several years ago, I met Erin on a cooking show set for one of the top supplement brands in the world! She was their protein chef and recipe developer! We’ve remained good friends ever since. (

🎨 Brittney Irwin for helping me create the look and feel! Brittney is an amazing graphic designer with incredible visual talent. She’s also one of the few people in the company who has seen me at my absolute lowest but stuck with me throughout the journey. I’m so grateful for her. (

🥞 Kateryna Parshukova for recreating every single recipe, styling the food, and shooting it more beautifully than I could ever imagine. The crazy thing is: Kateryna is from Ukraine and she actually finished submitting all photos a few days before the war started. Kateryna had to flee her home country shortly after. Everyone please send your thoughts and prayers to her and the innocent civilians of Ukraine 🇺🇦 (

🥣 Breanna Woods our resident RD, for re-testing every single recipe and for calculating the macros! We started working together a few years ago and I’m so grateful not only for her wealth of knowledge, but also for her wholistic, realistic and CARING perspective on nutrition. Breanna just started a nutrition column on and her articles are so smart and so REAL! You must read! (

📸 Sam Livits for shooting the cover photo and beautiful lifestyle photos inside. Big thanks for dealing with my intensity. I told him in the 2nd week of Jan that I thought it’d be a great idea to put together a cookbook for the protein launch and he was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS???” I seriously stress him out 😁 (

There are more people involved in the copy-editing, photo-editing, logistics, printing of the book – all of us from different parts of 🌎 – and none of this could have been pulled off without all of us working together in harmony.

Sculpt is available for pre-sale right now on @POPFLEX Active
Click below to reserve your copy! ⬇️

♥️ Cassey

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