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I am SO happy with how my Halloween costume turned out. My plan B actually worked!! 🪩 #halloween

I wanted to be a disco ball so bad for Halloween but when I realized I’d have to paper maché a 36” diameter fitness ball over the course of a week, the Anna Delvey within me said “ I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!”

You know, as weird as this is going to sound, choosing to NOT go hard is hard for me. As an overachiever-perfectionist type, it’s unnatural for me to take it easy. So, when I chose not to paper maché my costume from scratch this year and instead decided to buy it in components, this was GROWTH. I know. I know. But hey, gotta recognize the personal development okay!?? 😅 We’re all on our own unique journeys!

Anyway, I’m glad I made the decision to go for personified disco ball instead of literal disco ball because my costume turned out soooo cute!!! Here is where everything is from:

My mirror ball inspired boots are from Milanoo. They look sooooo cool! However! These were $128 so I thought they were going to be actual little mirrors but it ended up being more like plastic fabric and several of the squares fell off by the end of the night 😭 Also beware – these took over a month to ship from overseas.

My disco ball earrings are from WhimsyLibra on Etsy. These are very high quality and I def recommend!!

My bodysuit is American Apparel. They were out of my size so I bought one size up and had to sew the back to be lower to better match the dress back opening.

My dress is from Bella Barnett. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I didn’t expect each of the discs to be made of plastic (like imagine disposable event decor quality). I guess I expected very thin metal coins? Anyway, it was too long so I had to remove a few rows with pliers. That took forever. I loved how the dress looked, it was a hit, but by the end of the night it was def falling apart!

Overall, I am really happy with how the costume turned out! I love me a party with a strong theme because it gives me so much purpose and focus! What are you going to be for Halloween?


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