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Funny that it’s the men who always say that. But have u tried? 🤔 #shorts

Has this ever happened to you?

Honestly, I’m gonna call it what it is. It’s been happening for way too long and continues to happen to me today. It’s misogyny in the fitness industry.

Just because I’m a female doing this exercise with control (which took years to build up to btw), “oh it must be easy”.

But if we saw a guy doing the same thing grunting and sweating, “oh it must be hard!”

I’m sick and tired of people (usually men) saying that Pilates “doesn’t work”.

LIKE OH MY GOD are you my body? Do you know my genetic makeup? Do you know my goals? How do you know what “works” means to me?

The truth is – there’s no one blanket answer for everyone’s individual bodies and goals. So don’t believe ANYONE that says there is!

When it comes to workouts, we should try them all so that our bodies stay well-conditioned, nimble, flexible & strong on ALL fronts. So if you decide to stick your nose up at one, you better bet your weakness is only getting weaker.

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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Work Outs

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