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Do they make sense? No. Are they cute? WELL YAAAA. #fashion #fashiondesigner #hoodie

I can’t believe it’s September already. This season always reminds me of back to school, sweaters, and major social anxiety not being sure if my friends would be in my lunch period (yes, our school was so big that lunches were split in 2 😭😭😭).

Anyway ✨shruggie✨ Thanks guys for coming up with that name. So good I had to change the listing within 3 min of seeing your comments!

Why you’ll love:

✔️ pleated romantic, DRAMATIC sleeves
✔️ lined hood
✔️ super cropped front design for a peekaboo look when layered over a lower cut top

A note on sizing: I am wearing an s/m. This style unfortunately is one of those styles that is just appearing now AFTER I got all of your comments on expanding our dual sizing range. Please remember that styles take 9-12 mo to develop, so even though I already made changes months ago when I heard you guys asking, this one was already in production (already cut, partially sewn etc) and no changes were able to be made. I hear you, and the changes TAKE TIME. Just rest assured that they are in motion. Oh, and the l/xl was tested on a 1X fit model if that helps you visualize how this may fit in you! @POPFLEX By Blogilates be posting a try on video of the shruggie soon (with more bodies including a wider plus range), so hang tight for that!

Ok any questions!? Let me know what you think!


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