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Couples Therapy – New Workout Series

Couples Therapy

You’re stronger, together! Find out just how much when you hit play and work with BodyRock power couple Jeff and Janice in our Couples Therapy series.

Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Studies show that couples who exercise together are happier, more accountable, have more efficient workouts, better sex, and an increased emotional bond.

What’s not to love?

Our Couples Therapy workouts are designed to increase the strength of your bodies and your bond—all in around 30 minutes per session.

What to Expect from Couples Therapy

Our Couples Therapy series is made up of 20 classes, with four classes being dropped Monday through Friday and four Extra 30 classes that can be done as optional classes (or make-up for classes for ones you’ve missed) on Saturdays.

Each class consists of a 20-minute warm-up, a 24-28 minute workout, and a 12-minute finisher to help you smash your fitness (and relationship) goals.

While these classes are not for beginners, they are perfect for people of intermediate to advanced fitness levels who are looking to level-up their total body fitness and have fun with

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