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All bodies are NOT created equal and I took a DNA test to prove it.

I’m so sick of the toxicity and drama in the fitness industry. I hate that factions of people from certain camps of fitness will tear you apart and tell you you’re doing something wrong just because it’s not the way they would do things.


We are all genetically made up of different DNA. So HOW can the same workout and diet work the same for different people?

When I saw that @circleDNA had tests to show fitness data about my body, I jumped on it. After doing my saliva swab, I waited a few weeks to get my DNA extracted and analyzed. The results confirmed a lot of things for me.

My optimal training type:

Low power – I’m not great at sprinting.
High endurance – That’s why I can keep pulsing and pulsing and pulsing…while talking and smiling!
Medium strength – Yes, so far this is true given the weights I’m lifting.

In terms of muscle development, it literally says:

“…your muscles are designed for repetitive work like high repetition weight training or longer duration cardio sessions…you will most likely achieve your best results when training with many reps, with slightly lighter weights.”

This makes so much sense!!!

Month 1 of my 90 day journey to muscle featured higher reps and not-so-heavy weights and I gained 6.3 lbs of lean tissue. In month 2 I switched to lower reps and heavier weights and only gained 2.7 lbs of lean tissue. There are other factors involved too but I think a big part of the difference was my training style.

Month 3 now features not-so-heavy weights and higher reps again. I’m feeling extra confident in my personal workout plan because now I KNOW I’m training optimally for my DNA.

If you’re interested in trying out @circledna make sure to use code “BLOGILATES” to get 33% off any 🧬 kit. BTW you can get over 500 reports across 20+ different categories and Circle DNA promises 99.9% analytical accuracy.


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