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24 hours in my life as a… I don’t think I can give you one job title 🥲 #entrepreneur |

24 hours in my life as a – honestly I don’t think I can ever give you one job title 🥲

Wanted to do a little vlog showing you what it’s like to be a CEO/Designer/Creator because there’s no time for anything but you have to do everything! It’s absolutely chaotic but it’s my job to orchestrate it all, and the truth is, I LIVE for this.

CEO side: I’m constantly problem solving and working to create efficiencies in our flow, while making sure the entire team is driving towards our big goals.

Designer side: I love seeing things, being visually stimulated, and sketching to capture the vision. I go to sleep designing, design in my dreams often, and wake up with ideas. I am obsessed. I carry my sketchbook with me everywhere. 2023 styles are being developed now, and I cannot wait for you to experience it.

Creator/influencer side: I mean, I was filming the entire trip for this video! Then last minute when I found out the viral leggings were back in stock, I filmed some footage and an IG story to tell you guys like MINUTES before heading on my flight! The editing is constant. But right now, I love creating these short videos. It’s been fun sharing more of my life and my process with you.

My life is jam packed but I always make time for movement because taking care of my body is priority. These days I’m into running again. It’s easy to do anywhere and it’s my fave way to work out esp. when I’m exploring a new city. On planes, I like bringing out my Therabody Theragun mini to bring circulation to my legs. Feels nice to get the blood moving when you’re all squished in your seat!

I’m grateful that I get to travel with Sam because 1. He’s my hubs and I love traveling with him, 2. He’s my COO so we get to talk biz constantly, 3. He’s my foodie partner – we LOVE tasting new flavors in new places, and 4. He’s my coach when it comes to speaking gigs – I look forward to his critiques afterwards because I know he’ll tell me the truth.

Let me know what else you want to see! What else are you curious about?


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