She Turned 18! And My First Night Out In AGES | Sharon Mundia

She Turned 18! And My First Night Out In AGES


❤ S T U F F M E N T I O N E D

↠ Nyumba Cinema

↠ Royal Blooms Summer

↠ Phantom X

↠ Afro Peak hair dryer

↠ Kayana

↠ Hive

↠ Tope Creations

↠ Sevaria

↠ Chasing Paper books

↠ Chez Sonia

❤ W H A T I ‘ M W E A R I N G

↠ Zoya White bodysuit

↠ Bloom Kenya skirt

↠ Nalani Nzinga Dress (SOLD OUT)

↠ Forever 254 Sweater


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❤ M U S I C
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This video was not sponsored. I do value transparency so I try to make sure to clearly state in the video and/or the description box whenever a video is in fact sponsored.

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