Chilli Bean & Minced Meat Stew Served with Pishori Rice

On this video I’m making a version of the Chilli Con Carne which is a minced meat and beans stew that’s a great comfort food with lots of flavour. I’ve served it with Pishori Rice which is a great accompaniment as the aromatic rice blends in perfectly to…

Ham and Cheese French Toast Sandwich

Looking for a different type of breakfast? This is my delicious take of a classic recipe where I added ham and cheese. What you get is a delicious mix of sweet and savoury treat. It’s simple to make and I hope you enjoy yours. Ingredients: 6 slices of bread 6 eggs 2…

Quick and Delicious NO OVEN Pizza on a Pan(Quarantine Edition)

With just 2 ingredients to make the dough, I think this is the quickest tasty pizza you can make at home. I break down the whole procedure in making this so watch to get all tips and tricks and wow yourself and family Recipe: Dough 140g(1 cup) Self Raising Flour 140g(1/2 Cup) Plain Yoghurt Toppings Tomato Sauce Vegetables of your choice Ham/cooked meat(like Chicken) Mozzarella…
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